Spirostreptidae spec. 1 "Tanzania"


Food: leaves, wood, vegetables, fruit, chalk (eggshells)

Please note that Spirostreptidae spec. 1 "Tanzania" is not the exact scientific name for this species! It is originated from this forum: "http://www.diplopoda.de/html/artentrop.php" , since the exact name is not yet known. The meaning of this name: Spirostreptidae (family) spec. (short form for species) 1 (number 1) "Tanzania" (from Tanzania).

How to describe a new species:
- Collection of a species in nature
- Description of the species need to be published in a scientific journal, a type specimen must be deposited in a publicly available scientific collection
- Once the description is published, it is up to the scientific community to judge whether the species is new or it was described earlier with another name.