Catharina wendland aazerach
Catharina wendland aazerachstages4
Catharina wendland ghostfirststage07

First Stage - Aracha

Catharina wendland ghostsecondstage06

Second Stage - Aazer

Orm irian aracha by catharinawendland

Initial version of the first stage - Aracha

Orm irian aazer by catharinawendland

Initial version of the second stage - Aazer

Orm irian ghostsecondstage03
Orm irian ghost02
Orm irian ghost05
Orm irian aazeroch by catharinawendland

Out of another world this demon came. No one knows how it crossed the barrier between the two worlds and what purpose. It is believed it is possessed by pure evil, as he killed everyone at sight. The demon blades "Scaraceus" were thus forged in an attempt to kill this evil spirit. Which was indeed a success, but the blades themselves were a terrible curse..

Being out of pure magic, its arms take on new forms. The purple smoke it produces can cover the whole body and hide it behind a thick purple cloud.
Though it seem to have eyes on its head, these eye-like features seem to have another purpose, since the creature actually is blind.