Order of the Fallen God

Initial sketch of the creature

Initial sketch of the creature

The fallen God - A tale told in whispers. Once a mighty and gigantic creature roamed the land, resembling a tree, tall as a mountain. Some people worshipped this creature, some cursed it. Since it was so huge, it was a force of nature to be reckoned with. Wherever it walked, whole villages were destroyed, the land was crushed.

One day, a group of people formed an attack to slay the beast - they succeeded.
A whole cascade of unanticipated events were triggered. This creature held some kind of soothing mind control over the various terrible and dangerous creatures inhabiting this world.
This control now was broken, and chaos broke out. So many people lost their life.

There was an order formed to fight against all of the evil endangering the villages. This order was called "Order of the Fallen God". It was to honor the spirit which protected them in the past.
Each of the knights of this order was assigned a loyal mythical creature to accompany them on their journey.

This picture shows one of those knights and his fellow creature.