The Siren

The tree spirits (also known as Siren) are very magical beings, able to transform themselves into various shapes and forms, but they always have a plantlike appearance. They would not show themselves when more than one possible victim is in visual range. If they would spot a lonely wanderer in their territory and they decide to emerge from the water, they would always try to take a form very appealing to the victim.
It is believed that they have a quite common appearance in water, where they live, and only transform once emerging above the water surface. Unknown as well is the real size of those creature, though it is said they can be of enormous size.
Once they have found a victim, they would try to lead into deeper water and there they would try and kill the bewitched victim, seize them with a strong grip and pulling them into the deep water, drowning them.

The ice spirit always have a certain cold aura around them and it is said they could turn water into ice if they so would wish. They are usually alone, avoiding the company of other ice spirits. Though rather lonely spirits, they are usually very friendly to other species, despite of their look and usually only make use of their powers to help others or to protect themselves. When they die, their body would usually turn completely into ice after a few hours.

The battle of these two creatures has just begun, it is unclear though who will win - both have indeed unique and powerful abilities...