Trilobite Squid

Like spiders, these creatures eat (or rather drink) their victims by sting them and wait until the highly potent poison completely dissolved the innards.
When in danger or to hunt down unsuspecting preys, the Trilobite Squid can use its tentacles to swing to another branch over quite long distances. The frontal "wings" on their head are used as a stabilizer in the air - they are usually folded when they rest.
Like chameleons they can change the color of their wings and skin. Red is usually used to warn or scare others, also for scaring away rivals. When hunting, they usually try to blend with their surrounding.
Mating rituals are usually not violent, including a dance for the favorite female. Only in very rare occasions it leads to the death of the rival through their poison, since, once used, the poison needs a certain recovery time until it is ready to be used again.