Orm irian aranir by catharinawendland

Third stage, Aranir (male adult)

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Overview of the different stages

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Color Variations for Aranir

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Third alternative stage, Aravyre (female adult) - Revised

Orm irian aravyrebreedingvariations by catharinawendland

Color Variations for Aravyre

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First stage, Ara

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Second stage, Aracna (with hair)

Orm irian aranir stages

Stages without Aracna

Orm irian intruder
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Initial sketch / idea

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First ideas for a shield / armored front leg

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Old version of the third alternative stage, Aravyre (female adult)

Orm irian bossmagnusteen12

Old version of the second stage, Aracna

This creature lives in the desert and their main diet is rotten carcasses for which they search for the whole day. Other animals usually take a hide from it anyway, since if it will get the possibility to eat something fresh, it will not turn down this chance.
They have an exceptional great sense of smell, enabling them to find food over great distances.

When the species was first discovered, only the bone plated Aranir were known. Soon after, another one was discovered, looking much like Aranir, but it was winged.
At first, it was believed that this was an entirely new species, but it turned out that this was actually an extreme case of sexual dimorphism.
While the male ones grew bone plates when turning adult, the female ones actually got wings. They use their flying abilities to raise their nestlings at a remote location, far away from any predator.
The male ones, on the other hand, are territorial creatures, using their bone plates and claws for territorial fights and the like.